Jul. 19, 2018
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Why are we doing this?

Hear the same question enough and eventually it dawns on even us that maybe we might have some explaining to do about why we’ve launched a weekly newspaper, and why we’re doing it in Princeton. In 2015.

Did we miss the Internet memo?

Well, no, we understand and embrace the Internet as a wonderful way to get certain types of information.

But we also understand that print actually has a vital role to play in the 21st century, and that too many of our publishing kin have all but abandoned print in search of some mythical pot of gold at the end of the online rainbow.

Obviously if we were in it for the money we’d be doing something else, possibly someplace else. We do need to feed the children every now and again, so yes, we have to make a living, but we want to do that in service to something else, too. And that’s where the publishing endeavor comes in.

You see we still believe in the value of community - that’s why it’s in our name. And communities flourish best that have a vibrant voice to help focus on opportunities and challenges, to keep readers informed of what they want and need to know, and that keep the community conversation moving in positive, helpful ways.

We are not out to win Pulitzers for investigative journalism, though we honor and respect those who do, nor are we out to do left or right leaning reporting.

Please continue to go online for that.

We have an old-fashioned belief that most essential American freedoms flow from freedom of speech, and that in order to have free speech we need to keep in mind that speech is a verb as well as a noun, and it requires that we actually do it from time to time.

So what can readers expect from us?

We’re going to write plainly and honestly about the events and issues of the day, we’re going to do it in as timely a fashion as we can so long as getting it right comes before getting it out. We’re going to focus on being a valuable resource to help readers organize increasingly busy lives, and to get the most out of living and working here.

Oh, and we’re going to make mistakes, too. Probably some breathtaking ones, because we’re human. But we promise to always be fair and honest and to make it right as best as we can when we do err.

We hope you enjoy our new community newspaper as much as we enjoy bringing it to you, and deeply appreciate the honor and privilege of serving Princeton as only a free and independent publisher can.

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